Social Media Marketing Services for Salons and Spas

Search engine results pages aren’t the only place where prospective clients can find your salon or spa. You can boost your online visibility with an engaging presence on multiple social media platforms, too.

SonicSEO.com can help you create and maintain social media presences that reflect your salon’s unique style, personality and combination of specialty services to drive more clients to your location.

Think You Can Do Social Media Marketing on Your Own?

You don’t have to be a marketing professional to do social media marketing. But business owners who try to do their own marketing on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other platforms quickly find themselves overwhelmed. Here’s why—an engaging social media presence requires:

Many times, salon owners have to make a choice—focus on running the business or focus on keeping up with social media. You can find professionals to do the latter but not run your salon your way.

Finding the Right Social Media Platforms for Your Salon

SonicSEO.com simplifies your social media marketing by doing the work it takes to create and maintain an engaging presence on the most popular platforms, such as:

We also simplify and maximize the ROI of your social media marketing by identifying the platforms where your target market is actively engaging. We customize a strategy for each platform to ensure it delivers ideal post frequency and variety at the same time it accurately reflects your salon’s personality.

Why Our Social Media Marketing Services Work Better

Social media marketing should not be considered an end in itself. Social media gives fans and followers a place to engage with your salon, but where can they go when they want more information about you?

Social media marketing should drive traffic to your website (which should also host your blog). SonicSEO.com ensures that it does by creating a comprehensive internet marketing campaign that includes all the essentials for top performance:

Start creating custom internet marketing solutions for your salon or spa. Contact SonicSEO.com to schedule a free consultation today.